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Amy Manlapas, BA, MA

History Teacher/Writer


Mercer University, Bachelor of Arts - History (2006)

Georgia State University, Master of Arts - History (2015)

Georgia Teacher Certification, Broad-Field Social Studies (2006 - 2020)

Chair of the World History Association Teaching Committee, 2016 - Present


Amy-Elizabeth Manlapas has taught high school World History since 2006, teaching in Georgia public schools until 2018. During her time in Georgia public schools, she was a two-time runner-up for Teacher of the Year at her local school.  In 2018, she transitioned to working at The Paideia School, an independent pre-k through grade 12 school in Atlanta. Throughout her career, Amy has taught students with a wide range of needs. Amy is neurodiverse and a proud member of the AUDHD community. Her formative experiences as a disabled student with an IEP continues to be her primary reason for working as a teacher. Amy took her first World History class at fifteen, and decided that year she would be a World History teacher. 

Personal Interest

Amy’s interests include World History, reading sci-fi/fantasy novels, social media content creation, fandom, and writing.

Why Amy is excited about being on the All Minds Academy team

I am excited about working with All Minds Academy because I am a disabled, neurodiverse individual that struggled in school. I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work with other neurodiverse people and ensure that their needs are at the center of every single lesson.

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