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An accredited high school diploma program,

in partnership with Global Village School.

General Overview

United by a shared mission of helping students grow and develop into confident and successful scholars, responsible global citizens, creative and forward thinkers, and stewards of the earth and humanity, All Minds Academy and Global Village School have partnered to created ASCEND, a one-of-a-kind program that offers neurodivergent students that communicate best by spelling or typing an accessible, flexible, and accommodating pathway toward earning a fully accredited high school diploma that will prepare them for college and other life goals! 

From admissions to graduation, ASCEND students and families work directly with advisors from All Minds Academy that are exceptionally qualified to support neurodivergent students who communicate best by spelling or typing. ASCEND students complete graduation requirements set by Global Village School utilizing All Minds Academy’s speller-friendly courses. Upon successful completion of all graduation requirements, students will be issued their accredited diploma by Global Village School, in partnership with All Minds Academy.

Below you'll find current graduation requirements, ASCEND tuition and fees, and information on how to enroll. Please review our FAQ section as well where most questions can be answered.

Graduation Requirements

ASCEND Tuition and Fees

ASCEND Enrollment Process

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