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Welcome to
All Minds Academy

The world's first online high school program designed for neurodivergent students who communicate best by spelling and typing. 

Watch the video below to hear our story and learn how you can help change the lives of the these students and their families.

Let's Build All Minds Academy!
Win a lesson dedication in the All Minds Academy Speller curriculum!

Post a picture holding one of the #BuildIt signs to facebook or instagram with #BuildIt AND tag @AllMindsAcademy. Starting in July, each month, a winner will be drawn who will win a lesson dedication, meaning one of the lesson videos in the new curriculum will open with "This lesson is dedicated to..." .


Learn how you can guarantee a lesson dedication with a donation to the All Minds Academy curriculum fund.

Meet the Team

All Minds Academy has brought together a rock star team of highly credentialed, subject-expert educators partnered with experienced, formally trained Spelling practitioners to create the world's first comprehensive high school curriculum for Spellers.  Read more to get to know our passionate and dedicated team.


Jen Leon MA, PhD


“Dr. Jen”, Director


Trinidad Jimenez, MA


Spanish Teacher, Practitioner


Drew Kise, BS, PhD


Science Teacher/Writer


Amy Manlapas, BA, MA


History Teacher/Writer


Susie Lotharius BS, MA (she/her)

Lead Practitioner and Advisor


Ansley Yeomans


Math Teacher/Writer


Jahada Jones,  MAT, PhD (IP)


English Teacher/Writer


Joel Otero, BA


History Teacher, Practitioner


Melissa Elliott BS


Supporting Practitioner


Lindsay Porter Reid, BS, MS


Science Teacher/Writer


Tally Johnson, BA, M.Ed.


English Teacher/Writer

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