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 Documenting Student Work

All Minds Academy celebrates learning in all forms! While our program is still shaping up, we are hopeful that  - with proper documentation and within certain guidelines - we will be able to issue transfer and supplemental course credits. This could be for coursework completed elsewhere or for ancillary activities like participation in book or film clubs, art projects, listening to educational podcasts, engaging in advocacy work or service activities, visiting museum exhibits, etc. It can also be for completion of Spelling/Typing lessons with a practitioner or communication partner. 

Regardless of whether credits are issued, documenting a student portfolio of work is important. All homeschool students should document courses and activities to establish a homeschool transcript, but even for those enrolled in other school programs, creating a systematic way to monitor student growth, interests and goals is a good idea. Plus, a well-documented portfolio enhances applications for college, scholarships, internships, and jobs. 

To help families get started, we have created this free resource that shows how to organize and properly document student work for review by All Minds Academy if/when we are able to start issuing credits. However, anyone is welcome to use this resource. 

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