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flexible, à la carte courses

General Overview

All Minds Academy’s FLEX program is designed for students and families looking to supplement or enrich their learning experience with a comprehensive, rigorous, speller-friendly academic course. Currently, All Minds Academy math courses are only available through FLEX and can transfer to ASCEND for high school credit, if desired. Review the AMA FAQ page for details regarding requirements for credit. 


Once ASCEND opens for enrollment in Fall, 2024, FLEX is best for students who are not seeking a diploma through AMA. Perhaps they are using their own homeschool program, supplementing another school program, looking for a way to build an academic foundation for coursework or test prep outside AMA, or simply looking for learning enrichment.

With some exceptions, all AMA courses are available through FLEX. Currently, courses completed through FLEX are not eligible for accredited transcript credits. However, completion certificates may be issued. If an accredited transcript is desired, enrollment and graduation through ASCEND would be required.


Tuition includes 12 months access to the full course video library, guided notes with fill-ins, adapted, motor-friendly exercises, answer key, teacher support via google classroom, and quarterly, half hour, 1-1 practitioner-advisor meetings. 

FLEX Tuition per course for 2023-24 academic year.


  • 12 monthly payments of $250

  • 6 monthly payments of $490 

  • 3 monthly payments of $965

  • 1 payment of $2850  



  • 12 months is ample time to complete 1 credit courses in most situations. However, if a student has not completed the course within 12 months, extensions are provided at a rate of $250/month until exercises are completed and submitted. 

  • It may be possible to utilize family support funding to cover some or all costs. If you think this applies to you, email to discuss.

  • For math courses, the advisor is Dr. Jen and tuition includes a math laminate, if applicable.

  • For some courses, additional materials, such as books or educational tools (compass, protractor, etc.) may be required. The family is responsible for purchasing these materials on their own.

  •  FLEX does not require an annual enrollment fee at this time.


We will do our best to accommodate families in extenuating situations on a case-by-case basis. If it becomes necessary to withdraw, submit a written notification of your intention. Adjusted tuition due will be determined as follows: $250/month through the month in which notice is received or the % of lessons completed times $3000, whichever is greater. Any prepaid tuition exceeding that amount will be refunded or credited toward a future course. The family will be responsible for paying any outstanding amount due based on the adjusted tuition. The student will lose access to the course. Families are responsible for maintaining student records and copies of student work. The student may reenroll at a later date on a prorated basis.  


Note: Any non-tuition fees are nonrefundable.



STEP 1. Begin by thoroughly reading the information on the AMA website including the FAQ section.


STEP 2. If after reading the information on the AMA website, it sounds like it could work for your student, the next step would be to  complete this inquiry form if you haven’t already. An invitation to set up a complimentary consultation will follow. 

STEP 3. Meet with AMA administration to discuss options and answer any questions you might have. Unlike ASCEND’s enrollment process, FLEX does not use a selective application process. However, AMA administration will help the family and student determine whether FLEX is a good fit. 


STEP 4. If you decide to proceed with enrollment in FLEX, you will be sent a link to complete an enrollment agreement. Submit the tuition for the recommended course(s). An invitation to join the google classroom for the course(s) will be sent upon receipt of payment. 


The timing of this step should be given careful consideration.


The date the enrollment agreement is submitted is the start of 12 months access for full credit courses and 6 months access to half credit courses that were selected for enrollment, so it is important to accept the invitation to the course and get started as soon as possible.

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