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About Us


All Minds Academy is a community driven high school program aimed to fill a significant gap in the education of neurodiverse students who communicate best by spelling either because they are unable to speak or because their speech is limited and does not consistently reflect their true intentions. Many of our students have not been able to experience education in safe and supportive environments due to their sensory-motor and communication difference.


In contrast, the All Minds Academy team consists of experienced educators and practitioner-parents skilled at supporting students with sensory-motor differences. We ALL embrace a competence-presuming paradigm of respect and dignity.

All Minds Academy offers a "come as you are" environment for students and families. Not only do we celebrate neurodiversity, we celebrate diversity of all kinds. Like our friends at Global Village School, "We welcome people regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity, age, sex, or disability. We celebrate the richness and diversity of our world and invite you to do the same."

Meet The Team

All Minds Academy has brought together a rock star team of highly credentialed, subject-expert educators partnered with experienced, formally trained Spelling practitioners to create the world's first comprehensive high school curriculum for Spellers.  Read more to get to know our passionate and dedicated team.

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