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Trinidad Jimenez, MA

Spanish Teacher,

Practitioner/ Advisor


MFA Spanish Linguistics and Literature


Maria Trinidad Jimenez is a Spanish Teacher specializing in bilingual education and for nonspeaking and minimally speaking individuals. She has a Master’s degree in Spanish Linguistics and Literature focusing on Spanish Language Education from San Diego State University. She is the proud parent of a minimally speaking child who motivated her to switch careers from the entertainment industry, where she was an established film and TV writer and educator in Santiago, Chile.

Personal Interest

Trini loves spending time with her two sons, Luca and Martin, and her husband, Dave. She also loves swimming in the ocean, practicing hot yoga and gardening. She is an avid reader of autistic self advocates and the autistic experience. 

Why Trini is excited about being on the All Minds Academy team

I am very excited to be part of All Minds Academy because I am passionate about bringing the Spanish language into people's lives. I can speak four languages and knows first hand that knowing multiple languages opens up the unbeatable experience that is making friendships with people from different parts of the world and learning about their culture. I am a firm believer that everyone can get the benefits from learning another language which pushes your brain, strengthens your memory, and makes new connections which improves brain health and broadens your horizons, facilitates communication, and enriches your understanding of the world. It is a is a valuable investment of time and effort, that can boost your academic performance, increase self confidence and bring interesting career opportunities. Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world and the US, so you will have multiple opportunities to use it!

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