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Jen Leon "Dr. Jen" MS, PhD


Math Teacher, Practitioner/Advisor


MS - Mathematics

PhD - Mathematics Education and Instructional Technology

Certified Secondary Mathematics Educator

Registered Spelling to Communicate Practitioner


Dr. Jen is a certified mathematics educator and has been teaching mathematics since 1997. She has been a college instructor at Georgia State University and Agnes Scott College, a private math tutor for many students of all ages, and a high school math instructor at The Paideia School in Atlanta, GA for 18 years. Dr. Jen also taught Human Rights, Neurodiversity at Paideia and sponsored the Amnesty International club, Neurodiversity club, and Girl's Tech and Robotics Clubs. 

Dr. Jen began working with autistic students including nonspeakers  who communicate through spelling shortly after learning she was an autism mom, in 2014. She is a passionate advocate for the neurodiverse and autistic community as a parent, as well as a neurodiverse adult.  Dr. Jen has worked with multiple schools that serve students with sensory-motor and communication differences including The Hirsch Academy, Connections School of Atlanta, Invictus Academy, and Connections Learning Center. She founded her business, All Minds Math, in 2020 and completed her Spelling to Communicate practitioner training then as well. Dr. Jen provides a wide range of math specialization services through All Minds Math in addition to direct teaching. She offers math evaluations, school consulting, math assessment CRP services, college planning, IEP consulting, and more. She developed a comprehensive high school math curriculum for Spellers which became the catalyst for All Minds Academy. Once families finally experienced an accessible curriculum, they began asking Dr. Jen to try to replicate it in other subjects. So Dr. Jen got to work and is now the Founder and Director of All Minds Academy. She will continue to teach math and serve as an academic advisor/practitioner within the program. Dr. Jen continues to operate All Minds Math provided the full range of services it offers.

Personal Interest

Dr. Jen is a proud Mom to wonderful and exuberant youngster. She loves spending time with him taking him to train museums, watching movies, going for neighborhood walks, and getting an education from him in literally everything. He is a complete sponge with a steel trap memory and delights in sharing all of his knowledge.  

Dr. Jen tends to stay very busy connecting with the families she works with and genuinely enjoys these conversations and bringing people together, but when she has free time, she loves going country dancing, meeting friends for dinner, and organizing her house!

Why Jen is excited about being on the All Minds Academy team

I have never felt more at home than when I found my autism community. I am blessed and honored to use my experience, skills, and passion to create something so impactful for families. My passion comes from a "mama bear" instinct that kicks in every time I hear of a family working tirelessly to access education for their student but running into dead ends left and right. Day in and out, I meet students that are doing the work tirelessly, despite the disproportionate demands on their time and bodies,  yet  they are often not receiving credit or recognition for it. There is inequity everywhere, but in contrast to my experience as a high school teacher at an affluent private school where doing work for no credit is an absurd concept, my Spellers and their families experience this inequity at situation at critical levels on a daily basis.  This work is far bigger than me, but I am committed to doing all I can to address this grossly unjust situation and create a fun, supportive, challenging, and engaging high school experience for All Minds Academy students. 

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