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Ansley Yeomans, B.S., M.S., MEd

Math Teacher/Writer


Ansley obtained a B.A. in Physics from Emory University. They went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Sociology from Georgia Southern followed by a Master’s in Education in Mathematics Education from Georgia State.


Ansley taught high school mathematics for 21 years before leaving the profession in 2021.  Subsequently, Ansley has been assisting Dr. Jen with math lesson writing/editing and providing other essential administrative and curricular.  

Personal Interest

For fun, Ansley enjoys reading, knitting, spending time at the ocean, and snuggling with their dog and cat. They also enjoy working in their extensive garden with their wife, Angela.

Why Ansley is excited about being on the All Minds Academy team

“I am excited about being part of the All Minds Academy team because I believe that everyone, no matter how they communicate, deserves the opportunity to interact meaningfully with the beautiful subject of mathematics.”

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