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Nicole Vick BS, PMA, EdD

Science Teacher / Writer


BS - Biological Science 

PMA - Environmental Science Education 

EdD - Educational Practice 


Nicole Vick began her journey in science education in 2002. She has taught a wide variety of subjects at the high school level before transitioning to full time curriculum development in 2020. Nicole has been developing elementary, middle, and high school science curriculum for the past 10 years. During this time Nicole wrote, piloted, and helped develop professional learning to support other teachers in curriculum implementation. 


Nicole is active in several professional organizations including National Science Teaching Association (NSTA), National Science Education Leadership Association (NSELA), and Illinois Science Teaching Association (ISTA). She was the NSTA District XII Director from 2017-2020, representing NSTA members in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Currently, Nicole is the ISTA President (2023-2025), having previously served as the Vice President and Region 2 Director. 

Personal Interest

Nicole is the mom to an amazing 16 year old, Parker, and three fur babies, Malu, George, and Andromeda. She lives in rural western Illinois. Nicole enjoys going to local coffee shops, concerts, and art classes. She loves reading on her porch with Parker.

Why Nicole is excited about being on the All Minds Academy team

Science is for ALL students and as educators, we need to find ways to best reach our students. Seeing how changing the way I taught my students made them love science, I am so excited about the opportunity to work with a group of students who will hopefully come to love science too! 

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