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Drew Kise, BS, PhD

Science Teacher/Writer


BS in Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA, graduated 2010

PhD in Chemistry, Emory University, Atlanta GA, graduated 2015


Drew started teaching as a teaching assistant while in graduate school at Emory University for a variety of undergraduate courses (General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry) from 2011-2013. After that, he wanted to get more experience while still in graduate school, so he took a long-term substitute position teaching upperclassmen science electives (Biochemistry, Nanotechnology, Alternative Energy) at the Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology in Lawrenceville, GA during the spring semester of 2015. As he was nearing the end of graduate school I started looking for permanent positions and took one teaching chemistry at Woodward Academy in College Park, GA. He taught there from 2015-2019 until he moved to his current school, The Paideia School in Atlanta, GA. At Paideia he teaches Chemistry, AP Physics 1, and Astrophysics.

Personal Interest

Drew lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Casey, and two perfect mutts, Cusco and Rue. He loves to do lots of outdoorsy activities like hiking, golfing, fishing, and swimming. He absolutely loves sports of all kinds, both playing and watching. His favorites are baseball, basketball, and football. In addition to teaching at Paideia, Drew also coaches the junior high basketball team and the varsity baseball team. He loves cooking all kinds of food and going to as many restaurants as possible!

Why Drew's is excited about being on the All Minds Academy team

I am really excited to have the opportunity to use my skills to bring chemistry and physics to a vastly underserved community! I love to teach people who love to learn and have a thirst for knowledge. To be part of a high school program that will bring classes to nonspeaking and unreliable speakers is a giant step forward in equity in education and I am ecstatic to be a part of something so important!

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